Can a Ladder Fit in a Car? The Surprising Answer

If you have ever used a ladder before, you will agree with me that the danger, if there is any, is in the usage. Now imagine if you need to transport your ladder from your home to a worksite.

You will be exposed to so many things during the process of transportation that if you are not equipped to handle it can prove difficult.

Transportation can be tricky for any equipment or machine, and extension ladders are no different. If it is not done properly, it can lead to an uneventful experience.

Can A Ladder Fit In A Car

How Do You Transport a Ladder in A Car?

For any portable equipment you intend to transport, you can easily just place them in the trunk and enjoy a wonderful ride, but ladders are not that easy.

They won’t typically go in the trunk and if all you’re left with is your car and not a pickup truck or a van, you can always attach the ladders on top of your car.

Although there might not be any foreseeable danger to doing so, it is always advisable you take precautions when transporting a ladder either in your car.

  • While you take out the ladder from storage, ensure the ladder is properly folded up and all fastening mechanisms are fully engaged.
  • If your car is not equipped with a roof rack, you will need to find something that will cushion the effect of the ladder on your car so as not to ruin the bodywork.
  • Ensure you take the utmost care when placing the ladder on the roof of your car. Nobody expects you to carry out this part all by yourself. You should ask for extra hands to ensure you do not damage the ladder or your car. Placing a heavy ladder is difficult, and without any pair of hands, you won’t be able to place it in an accurate position that will help in the process of fastening.
  • You need to then secure the ladder properly on the roof of the car before you even begin the trip. If the ladder is not properly secured, falling off might result in a dangerous accident not just for you, but for other drivers on the road. Safety should be your number one priority. It is also important you transport the ladder according to driving regulations embedded in the law.
  • To ensure that the ladder is properly secured, utilize ladder clamps most suitable for the ladder you are transporting. There are other ways of tightly securing the ladders, which is through the use of bungee cords, 
  • When you have satisfied all these requirements and you are finally out on the road, ensure you keep your ear closer to the floor to listen for rattling.

Can You Fit an 8 Ft Ladder on Your Car?

As you very well know, ladders come in different sizes for different purposes. And as a result, there are several ways of transporting ladders, depending on their size.

As for 8 ft ladders, the key to transporting them using your car is by folding up the ladder before fastening it on the roof of your car.

The ladder must be fastened parallel to the direction the car is facing, and you must ensure that every safety precaution is followed properly.

For 8 ft ladders, you also have to ensure you use stronger cables and ropes to fasten it, to ensure that the ladder does not tilt forward or backward when you are in motion.

If your car is not equipped with roof racks, you may need to pass the cords through the windows of the car to ensure it is properly secured.

Can I Fit a 6-Foot Ladder in My Car?

The same principle of safety applies here if you are to transport your 6 ft ladder with your car. If your car has a large trunk, you can fold down the back seats and fit the 6 ft ladder in the car through the trunk.

To make for more room, you can move the passenger seat at the front forward and then push it backward. For double assurance, you can still fasten the ladder to several strong and stable parts of the car.

How Much of A Ladder Can Overhang a Car?

After fastening the ladder on your car, you must inspect the amount of overhang you’re left with. If the overhang is more than is permitted, you will be breaking the law.

As for The Front of The Vehicle;

  • If there is an overhang of at least 2 meters, there is no action required.
  • If the overhang is greater than 2 meters, but less than 3.05 meters, you must indicate with marker boards to other road users that there is an overhang. You may also require an extra pair of hands to be present.
  • If there is an overhang above 3.05 meters, you must alert the authorities at least 3 days before your trip.

As for The Back of The Vehicle;

  • If there is an overhang of 1 meter, you do not need to take any action.
  • If the overhang is above 1 meter, but less than 2 meters, you are required to ensure that the end of the ladder is very visible to other road users.
  • If the overhang is greater than 2 meters, but less than 3.05 meters, you should use the side and rear marker boards to notify other road users of the overhang.
  • As for an overhang of above 3.05 meters, you are required to alert the authorities at least 3 days before your trip.


There are many reasons why transporting ladders from one location to another can pose a serious risk. However, strict adherence to regulations that govern your area, and following the steps listed above will help you minimize the risk involved to its bare minimum.

It is also important to note that the kind of car you use for transportation is also important as it must be in good working condition.