5 Ways Tradespeople Can Benefit from Telescopic Ladders

An example of how unsafe regular ladders are

Choosing the correct ladders to bring with you for a job is crucial for tradespeople. Knowing you can rely on your ladders makes the difference between finishing a job properly or taking a tumble off an uncomfortable height that can end in tragedy.

However, what makes for a good set of ladders doesn’t end there! Good ladders must fit perfectly into your needs, be easy to handle, bring along, and hit a couple of other requirements, too!

So, let’s look at the 5 ways tradespeople can benefit from telescopic ladders so you can decide whether they’re what you’re looking for.

Extremely easy to bring with you

The first reason tradespeople can benefit from telescopic ladders is because of how easy they are to bring with them.

Now, this may seem rather evident upon careful consideration. But tradespeople, who rely on skills and hands to make a living, often have to do a lot of work in places they can’t reach easily. And you would require a ladder to correctly see to the task. However, how many people in such professions can afford to lug around a large, bulky ladder that can reach everywhere it needs to and can fit in their ride?

Sure, it can be even worse for handymen since tradespeople typically tend to have at least one or two others backing them up on projects. But! Even then, you likely don’t want to take up too much valuable space in your vehicle with anything that’s not materials.

Doing so means making a few extra runs back and forth between the store and the place you’re working or a storage facility and the place. Which is not great when you suddenly realize you need a reliable ladder and don’t have one. Having to face the choice of using a rickety old thing your employer provides or you can scrounge from the scene, and making yet another trip to haul a ladder, is not ideal.

Telescopic ladders, on the other hand, neatly sidestep this issue. Their compactness and generally low weight mean that you can easily slip them into your vehicle. And then just forget all about them until you need them!

Wooden ladders
Traditional ladders are too bulky and heavy to bring along easily.

Paramount safety

One fantastic thing about telescopic ladders is that they are one of the safest ladder types you can use.

Because of the way they are made and the entire concept of their design, you might think, instead, that they’d be insecure. Maybe even a little rickety if we keep in mind that they compact and extend as needed. So, this would make the sheer thought of stabilizing a ladder seem intimidating to most.

Thankfully, we’re here to reassure you that this is not the case! In reality, precisely because of their design and what can be perceived as a flaw and potential weakness, there’s been a ton of work put in to ensure that nothing can go wrong during their use. There are a whole bunch of safety features and checks for each one.

All these stabilize them, prevent mechanical failure, and keep you safe using the ladder. For example, a mechanism permanently secures the ladder’s rungs after selecting an appropriate height. And, of course, some quality grips to prevent even the faintest possibility of a slip-and-fall accident occurring!

If you are looking for a ladder designed chiefly with safety in mind, then rest assured that tradespeople can benefit from telescopic ladders without ever having to worry about their tool betraying them in a key moment when trying to reach and work on something on a rooftop.

A unsafe ladder, a perfect example of why tradespeople can benefit from telescopic ladders
Normal ladders are far less secure to use!

Easily adjustable height

Of course, one of the most significant ways tradespeople can benefit from telescopic ladders is their adjustability! With regular ladders, no matter what you need them for, you must take out the entire thing and try to make do.

Telescopic ladders, on the other hand? The sheer versatility is breathtaking. And we are not just talking about using them as regular ladders. Naturally, this is where they shine the best.

Do you need to reach the roof to properly fix something, install new shingles, or sand down the finish on the roof you are putting in for your client? No problems, easy as that! You need just a bit of a leg up to reach that awkward spot part way up a wall that leaves you overextending when you stand normally, and yet you can’t just stand on your tippy toes the entire time? Solved!

As if that’s not enough, you can use this type of ladder as a makeshift stool when you need a break during a hard work day. Or a small table if you need to lay out your tools or just a place to set down food in a hurry during that break, as mentioned above. The uses of a telescopic ladder are limited only by what you can imagine using one for, and the adjustability in height makes this more accurate.

Very easy to handle

If that were all, it might not be enough to honestly claim that tradespeople benefit from telescopic ladders more than other types. However, consider this: on top of all the benefits we’ve already discussed, telescopic ladders are much easier to handle than most other types.

What exactly does this mean, you might wonder? Well, to be blunt, they are much easier to haul around and handle. Not just because of their smaller size when not extended but because they are much lighter make than most ladders on the market.

Some ladders are so heavy that just moving them around a workplace is a chore that gets extremely tiring exceptionally quickly. A long workday can start to wear on you simply because your equipment is beginning to sap your strength away.

Telescopic ladders? They don’t come with this same downside! And, as the experts associated with the Best Long Distance Movers database of moving companies can attest, one of the essential parts of being a professional is having the stamina to work at your best the entire time.

Why would you willingly hurt your prospects to continue working through the day and earn that bigger paycheck simply because you are using the wrong equipment? Using a telescopic ladder is, without a doubt, the better choice.

Surprisingly durable and sturdy

The final way tradespeople can benefit from telescopic ladders is through the fact that they are superb make.

We’ve gone on and on about the importance of work quality already. And, if you are just wondering what ladder you need to do your job better and more effectively, we believe we’ve hammered our point home already! However, another thing to consider is the equipment’s longevity in question.

After all, no matter how good an investment something is, you likely don’t want to keep making that investment over and over again because it keeps getting damaged or broken, right? Well, once again, telescopic ladders shine through in their value! Remember the safety checks we mentioned before? Well, as much effort was placed into those and into making sure these ladders will last.

You will not be in an awkward situation where your ladders suddenly give up on you. And you can be doubly sure that it won’t happen in some dangerous scenario where a part breaks off while you’re on a roof or somewhere similar!

For all that the weight of the ladders can be minimized, extra care and work had been put in to ensure their toughness more than keeps up. That means that a single investment in telescopic ladders will last you years and decades.

If you put in the effort to properly care for your equipment? Then the ladders will be in as good condition as you bought them when you finally retire them! And that’s not a claim many other types of ladders out on the market can make.

An old ladder
More ‘traditional’ ladders quickly get so rickety they’re useless!

Final comment

Now that you’re familiar with the 5 ways tradespeople can benefit from telescopic ladders, you can decide for yourself if you want them! Of course, there’s more than enough to recommend them, as we’ve already covered them in detail.

If you decide to get telescopic ladders, it is unlikely that you will end up regretting the purchase. And even if you eventually stop using them at your job, they’ll perfectly match your home’s needs!  Their ease of storage, setup, and handling makes for an ideal home ladder.

Image credits – Photos by Jilbert Ebrahimi, Khashayar Kouchpeydeh, Anaya Katlego, and Liana Mikah on Unsplash