Why Should You Never Paint a Ladder?

Why Should You Never Paint a Ladder

Ladders are an essential tool for reaching elevated areas. This tool comes in handy in homes, farms, construction sites, warehouses, and industries. Regardless of the number of places a ladder can be used, whether it should be painted or not sometimes gets controversial. Does paint cause a ladder to rust faster? Are painted ladders lower …

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7 Alternative Uses for a Ladder

Alternative Uses for a Ladder

Remember that old wooden ladder sitting in your basement? Don’t you think it’s better you find some use for it instead of letting it gather dust? If so, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the article we’ve prepared for you today. In it, we’ll show you some neat alternative uses for the item in question. …

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Top 3 Alternative to Ladders

Alternative to Ladders

There are a thousand and one reasons to switch from a ladder to an alternative height-enhancing tool. Customers that often search for alternatives to ladders do so either for personal or safety concerns. Some of the most popular reasons behind the need for an alternative include; Increasing safety when working at heights by reducing overall …

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Can a Ladder Slip?

Can a Ladder Slip

Ladder safety is important in preventing serious accidents that sometimes have fatal consequences. This is why performing a risk assessment test before even placing your foot on the first rung is crucial to guaranteeing safety. If the risk assessment shows even the least possibility of a hazard occurring or imminent danger, alternatives must be used …

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Best Practices for Ladder Usage

A small step ladder beneath an orchard

Ladders are incredibly versatile tools that you can use in various situations. However, some of their utility comes at the expense of safety. Most people know that ladders are hazardous and that falling from them can result in injury. However, it is not uncommon for fatalities to occur due to improper ladder use. As a …

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