Werner or Gorilla Ladders: Which Brand Should You Choose?

Werner vs Gorilla Ladders

Ladders are necessary if you are to have a well-rounded equipment catalog. These ‘must-have’ tools help you improve your efficiency in and around your working area especially when you’re working on projects involving heights.

When you are on the hunt for a great ladder to either add to your collection or start, knowing the perks of every ladder brand available to you is a great way to start. There are many brands out there that you can choose from that will do the job just fine.

However, not many ladder brands can offer a seamless and enjoyable experience utilizing their products. Two big names in the industry that you should pay attention to when searching for a ladder are Werner Co. and Gorilla Ladders.

Some of the biggest names in the ladder industry have long dominated the scene providing quality ladders for work and household use. In this post, we will carefully look at two of the biggest names with years of experience in producing factory-grade ladders, and ladders for home use. This will enable you to make an even more informed decision on the ladder to buy.

Werner Ladders

The Werner Co. brand is an American company that is known for sparing no expense when it comes to offering quality mechanical ladders. The years spent manufacturing quality ladders have created a level of proficiency that is unmatched by newer and inexperienced companies.

Most Werner ladders are manufactured to solve specific customer needs, and are often regarded as extremely durable, efficient, and made from standard materials. 

Regarding Werner products, you can select from their wide array of ladder products that are suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors.

They have ladders for the stock attic, stages, and scaffolding. Step stools and bedside ladders are also present in their catalog. One of the most striking things about Werner products is the level of sophistication and efficiency of the technology utilized in its manufacturing process. 

Advantages of Werner Ladders 

There are many benefits of switching to Werner ladder products. These benefits are more than just the quality of the product and its efficiency.

Werner products are also known for user-friendliness. This can be seen in the brand’s commitment to ensuring the ladders are safe and suitable for use in unfavorable conditions.

Seeing as ladder accidents can occur at any time, having a company that constructs sturdy and reliable ladders is a breath of fresh air. With this ladder, there is a lower probability of accidents occurring on level ground. 

Disadvantages of Werner Ladders

There are a few downsides to using Werner ladders, depending on the nature of the job and your skill level. Some types of Werner ladders can be heavy and require extra assistance in usage. 

Features of Werner Ladders

Some important features of Werner ladders include;

  1. Wide comfortable platforms are suitable for working. 
  2. Compact and portable design that aids in transport and storage.
  3. Super lightweight ladder.
  4. Safe and reliable. 
  5. Equipped with relief handles for adjustments post-fall. 

When to Use Werner Ladders

If you intend to take on a risky project that requires stability and reliability, Werner ladders are your best bet. Most ladders come with extra safety accessories and protective gear that prevents accidents and improves efficiency. 

Gorilla Ladders

On the other side, Gorilla ladders are manufactured and designed by one of the leading ladder-producing companies in the world. The most notable feature of the ladders in the Gorilla brand catalog is versatility.

There are different types of ladders in the catalog that are suitable for specific tasks. For instance, if you desire a household ladder that you can use indoors or a ladder to be used in the yard, you will find a suitable option in the diverse Gorilla collection.

Gorilla ladders are widely regarded as high-performing quality ladders for good reason. You can choose from a wide array of ladders in their catalog There are numerous options to choose from that are available in several categories, thereby offering users different functions in different situations.

These categories include Household, Multi-position, Heavy duty steel, Dual platform, etc.

Advantages of Gorilla Ladders

  1. Unique Design

The Gorilla company boasts of unique designs when it comes to their ladders. Apart from improving its aesthetic value, the unique design of these ladders improves stability and security of the ladders.

  1. Versatility

As we’ve highlighted, Gorilla ladders are particularly useful in several situations. You do not have to worry about buying different ladders for different purposes as a single Gorilla ladder could be used in various capacities. This is largely due to the numerous features that these ladders possess.

  1. Multi-Positional Ladders 

If you have ever worried about having too many ladders for both little and huge tasks in the home, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing Gorilla ladders are multi-positional and can be used in different modes. 

  1. Durable

The Gorilla ladder company can boast of super durable ladders that have a very long shelf life. Additionally, this ladder offers you the luxury of comfort and stability when you climb. You don’t need to worry about your ladder wobbling and being unable to maintain balance during the climb. Each rung or step of the ladder is sturdy and gives you a firm grip when you climb.

  1. Protection Against Damage

The nature of most Gorilla ladders is responsible for the protection against cracks and dents. Thereby also protecting users from accidents.

Disadvantages of Gorilla Ladders 

  • You may find it particularly challenging to store these ladders as they could be extra bulky.
  • Transportation is also another big issue as most user reviews indicate the need for extra support with lifting and transporting the ladder. 

Features of Gorilla Ladders

  • Gorilla ladders possess a multi-positional feature that makes them particularly useful in executing difficult tasks.  
  • Gorilla ladders also possess a stable and reliable platform that makes them suitable to be used as bases during scaffolding.
  • Capable of supporting weights up to 375 lbs. 
  • IAA and ANSI rated 

When to Use Gorilla Ladders

You may not always have the luxury of getting a new ladder for every aspect of a project you are actively on. And so, you need an alternative ladder capable of adapting to unfavorable conditions and distinct tasks. Gorilla ladders come in very handy when working in industries and construction sites.

Are Gorilla Ladders Better than Werner Ladders?

These two ladders possess key structural and functional differences that are evident in their marketing. Werner ladders are often marketed as strong, stable ladders that are safe to be used in and around the home. The main marketing strategy for Gorilla ladders is that of versatility and flexibility.

The major determinant of which ladder brand to purchase when buying a new ladder for a project is the ladder features that the brand is known for. And so, the nature of the project will determine which ladder is best.

If your project requires stability and security like is required when working around electrical wires or working under unfavorable conditions, then Werner ladders are the preferred option. However, if you work in a construction site or an industry, and the ladder-related task requires adaptability and flexibility, utilizing a Gorilla ladder is your best bet.

Are Werner Ladders Any Good?

Werner ladders are some of the best ladders you can find on the market. The manufacturers have prioritized safety and security over everything else. You can be assured that you are getting a quality product when you buy a Werner ladder off the shelf. You would be getting a finished product that perfectly executes features like durability, safety, high performance, etc.

Are Gorilla Ladders Good Quality?

The simple answer is yes. Not many ladder companies can boast of a great ladder that can adapt to a wide range of situations and provide you with the much-needed adaptability you need to execute tasks efficiently. 

Is a Gorilla Ladder OSHA-Approved?

Ladders can be very dangerous equipment, so there must be a regulatory body that oversees the safety and security of each ladder. That duty falls to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

This body is tasked with regulating the standard of ladders available for purchase. To this effect, this body has tested Gorilla ladders through several metrics to determine if it meets its security and safety standards. Gorilla ladders are fully certified and can be trusted as safe and efficient work companions. 

Are Gorilla Ladders as Good as Little Giant?

Picking which company makes the best ladders between Gorilla and Little Giant is a bit tricky. This is because both ladders share important and unique characteristics that make them great options when it comes to ladder use.

However, it is difficult for Gorilla ladders to match the durability of Little Giant ladders. If you want a ladder that is cost-efficient and durable, buying a Little Giant ladder is a great way to achieve this.

The Gorilla ladder-producing company has dedicated time and effort to produce a very safe and reliable ladder for everyone. 

Do Gorilla Ladders Have Levelers? 

Yes, they do. Levelers are important mechanical equipment that ensures that the ladder they are used on maintains balance on slanted, sloping,  or uneven surfaces. You must be careful during the process of installation to ensure that the leveler is appropriately secured. 

Where Are Gorilla Ladders Manufactured?

It is perfectly normal to be curious about the location of the manufacturer of these great ladders. Gorilla Ladders is an American company that operates out of a warehouse in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. This company has produced thousands of great ladders over the years, marking its spot in the heart of many households in America and around the world. 

Are Werner Ladders Made in The USA?

Yes. Much like Gorilla ladders, Werner Co. is a private American company operating out of a warehouse in Itasca, Illinois. They are responsible for the marketing, production, and distribution of fiberglass and Aluminum ladders.

These ladders have for years been a standard of quality to many other ladder brands around the world. All Werner ladders meet safety guidelines and are certified by the appropriate organizations. 

Can Gorilla Ladders Be Stored Outside?

Ladders should be properly maintained for them to last a lifetime. Many things can go wrong with storing your ladders outdoors. Irrespective of the material used in its production, being exposed to constant weathering from rain, sun rays, and other mechanical damage could spell doom for your Gorilla.

For a better ladder experience, store your ladder in a shed with a covering. If you want to maximize space, you can hang it over a rack and fasten it properly. 

How High Do Gorilla Ladders Go?

What is the benefit of a ladder if it cannot reach high areas? Gorilla ladders generally possess impressive reach that comes in handy during tasks like roof fixing, painting, tree trimming, etc.

Gorilla ladders could go as high as 18 ft when placed in an extension position. If you plan to reach the zenith, ensure that your ladder is properly planted into the ground and you adhere to all ladder safety guidelines. 

How Much Do Gorilla Ladders Cost?

The store tag price for Gorilla ladders could range anywhere from $99 to about $170 depending on the nature of the ladder and the quality of its material. 


After going through the comparison details of both brands, it is obvious that you would be fine picking either of these ladder brands, and you will be able to get the job done just as easily with either of them.

With characteristics like user-friendliness, safety, durability, and efficiency, you are sure to get great value. As we’ve stated, you also need to pay attention to the nature of the task that requires the ladder. This will show you the right ladder for the job.

Ladders can also be dangerous equipment if not used safely. And so, before you buy any of these ladders, ensure you familiarize yourself with safety guidelines and precautions that will further guarantee your safety during usage.