Find Out the Truth: Do Little Giant Ladders Rust?

Do Little Giant Ladders Rust

Little Giant ladders are widely known for their quality and durability, but one thing many people wonder about is whether or not they rust. The short answer is yes, Little Giant ladders do rust. However, the amount of rust and how quickly it develops depends on how you use and care for them.

Little Giant ladders are made of high-quality aluminum, which is naturally resistant to rust. However, this resistance is not absolute and, if not cared for properly, the ladder can begin to rust over time. Exposure to moisture and water will accelerate the rusting process and, if left unchecked, the rust can spread and weaken the ladder’s structure and integrity.

How to Prevent Rust on Little Giant Ladder?

To prevent rust, it is important to keep your Little Giant ladder clean and dry. After each use, make sure you thoroughly dry the ladder off before storing it. This will help prevent moisture from building up and causing rust. Additionally, you should use a rust-inhibiting spray on the ladder to provide an extra layer of protection.

You should also inspect the ladder periodically for signs of rust. Rust often appears as small spots on the surface of the ladder, so if you notice any, you should take steps to remove it. If the rust is not removed, it can spread and eventually cause the ladder to weaken.

The good news is that, if you take the proper steps, rust can be prevented and your Little Giant ladder can last for many years. By taking the time to clean and dry the ladder after each use and using a rust-inhibiting spray, you can ensure your Little Giant ladder will remain rust-free.

How do you maintain a Little Giant Ladder?

When it comes to ladders, the Little Giant Ladder is one of the most popular. It is a versatile ladder system that can be configured in many different ways to suit any task. But with all of its features and uses come some maintenance requirements. Here are some tips on how to maintain your Little Giant Ladder for optimum performance and safety.

1. Inspect Your Ladder Regularly: Before using your Little Giant Ladder, it’s important to check it for loose parts, worn out components, or any other damage that could compromise its stability or safety. Look over the rungs, joints, hinges, locks, and feet for any signs of wear or damage. If you find anything wrong with your ladder, discontinue use and contact the manufacturer for further instructions on what to do next.

2. Clean Your Ladder: Dirt and debris can build up on your ladder over time and cause corrosion or rusting of metal parts; this could lead to weakening or breakage of the ladder itself. Cleaning your Little Giant Ladder regularly with a soft cloth or brush will help keep it looking good and working properly. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as bleach as these may damage the ladder’s surface finish or weaken its structure. 

3. Lubricate Moving Parts: To ensure smooth operation and extend the life of your Little Giant Ladder’s moving parts, lubricate them periodically with a light oil such as WD-40 or vegetable oil (do not use petroleum-based oils). This will help prevent rusting, sticking, squeaking, and other issues that may arise from lack of lubrication over time. 

4. Store Carefully: When storing your Little Giant Ladder for an extended period of time (more than a few weeks), make sure to store it in a dry area away from sunlight and humidity if possible; this will help preserve its condition longer than storage in direct sunlight would allow. Also make sure to lock all joints when folding up the ladder so they don’t become loose while in storage – this can be done easily by turning each joint clockwise until you hear a “click” sound indicating they are locked into place securely. 

By following these simple steps regularly you should be able to enjoy trouble free use from your Little Giant Ladder for years!


Little Giant ladders rust, but proper care can help to prevent it. By cleaning and drying the ladder after each use and using a rust-inhibiting spray, you can keep your ladder rust-free and in good condition for years to come.