The Ultimate Guide to Ladder Rentals: How to Rent a Ladder

Can You Rent a Ladder

A ladder can be used to reach the highest places in your home, both inside and outside. But you might be wondering if you can rent a ladder from the hardware store instead of buying one outright. 

While some rental programs exist, they are often inflexible or only available in certain areas. 

So, as with most tools, it’s usually better to own your ladder and use it when you need it, rather than pay on a per-use basis. 

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t situations where renting a ladder makes sense.

Can You Rent a Ladder?

If you want to hang something on your wall or if you need to reach something hard to get, renting a ladder is always an option. It is not cheap though! 

However, if you can’t afford it and you don’t want to buy one to have it for just one-time use, then you can borrow it from your neighbor.

Yes, you can rent a ladder. Several companies in the U.S have their ladder rental service.

Tips to Renting a Ladder

Certain factors must be taken into consideration when renting a ladder. 

Think about what you plan to use it for, as well as how high you might need to go. Read on for some helpful tips on renting and using ladders safely!

Think about what you’ll need to use it for: maybe you want to hang some lights on your porch, paint a ceiling, or do some yard work. If you’re using it for more than just household chores, invest in one that will be lightweight and easy to store. 

Also, consider how tall you’ll need to go, and where that might be. Do you need something portable or foldable? Will it come with a stand? How much of an incline can it handle? 

These are all factors you should know before renting. This way, you won’t get stuck without exactly what you need!

Pros and Cons of Renting a Ladder

As mentioned previously renting a ladder is an excellent option to cut expenses. 

However, a few prefer buying a ladder. Before you decide to rent the ladder, you have to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages.


The Freedom to Rent a Particular Ladder

The ladder rental offers many options. You can pick one for a specific kind of job. For instance, you can rent a step ladder as well as an extension ladder all at once. However, you are not able to purchase both in one go.

It is possible to complete tasks with ease if you’re using the appropriate ladder. Be careful when using a ladder, especially when you are working at high altitudes.

Most households have ladders. But, they will always discover the need to rent one for a specific kind of task. It is not possible to buy ladders for each job.

Storage Worries Are Not a Problem

If you rent the ladder, you don’t need to be concerned about the long-term storage. Instead, you can make use of your ladder only for a few hours and let the rental companies return the ladder.

If you do not have enough space to put an unattractive ladder in your backyard. If you rent one the ladder, you’re entitled to use it and return it. 

If you don’t have enough room that you can afford, it’s a matter of paying additional for self-storage.

Save Money

Do your maths right! You can save money by renting a ladder rather than purchasing one. 

What is the frequency you use the ladder in your home? If not, unless you are using it frequently and you can rent one, it is cheaper over the long term.

Ladders can be costly. This is true, particularly when purchasing specialist models to perform specific tasks. 

If you purchase one for yourself and are pleasantly surprised at the price. This is especially the case particularly if you only make use of the ladder just for the first time.

In addition to the initial cost for purchase, it is possible to maintain your ladder and pay for insurance. These are expenses you could avoid by renting a ladder.

Assistance with Assembly

When you rent scaffolding ladders, a rental company may help in assembling them. They will set an assembly of the ladder for a small amount of money that can’t be compared to the costs of purchasing one and then putting it together.

Other Equipment

Many ladder rentals will also provide the various tools you may require to complete your task. Along with the ladders you can also hire paint spray, welding equipment, etc.


Tight timelines

Employing a ladder means that you must adhere to the timelines set. It is not possible to defer a task because it’s already been paid. The ladder’s existence for longer days will cost you an additional amount.

Ladder Rental Providers

There are many ladder rental services to choose from. If you decide to choose one, it is important to choose reputable providers that have an array of ladders.

The rental company should provide high-quality ladders and great customer service. Below are the top ladder rental firms in the United States.

  1. United Rentals: The company offers a vast range of ladder rental options across the United States. There is everything from a basic step ladder or an extended ladder of 50 feet. The rates vary depending on where you live and the type of ladder you pick.
  2. Herc Rentals: Herc Rentals is another top ladder and equipment rental company.
  3. American Ladders & Scaffold: The company offers ladder rentals and scaffolds all across the United States. They are proud of their variety of ladders.
  4. Step ladder rentals: This is a Dallas ladder rental business that offers an array of ladders.
  5. Diamond Rentals: This is a different rental service to satisfy requirements for scaffolding and ladders. Additionally, the company provides other equipment-related services.

These are only a few of the most reputable ladder rental firms across the United States. The majority of companies offer a vast assortment of scaffolds and ladders and other tools.

Average Cost of Ladder Rental

The average cost of renting a ladder can be $50 – $100 per 24 hours, depending on what you need. 

The type of ladder is important to know as well because different ladders have different weight capacities. If you can do some simple math and want to be safe, you can estimate $1-$2 per pound. 

For example, a 300-pound capacity ladder should cost around $30 to rent for one day. A 2-foot step ladder should cost about half that at $15-$20 per day.

How to Rent a Ladder

A ladder is a great option for reaching difficult-to-access places, but if you only need it occasionally, it might be more cost-effective to rent one instead of buying your own. To do so, start by looking for rental outlets in your area. 

A search on rent ladders near me should turn up a few options. If you find more than one nearby store renting out ladders and other equipment, call each one and ask about their prices, sizes, and availability.

You can also visit their websites and create an account with them to rent a ladder. It’s just like any other shopping you usually do online.


There are various types of ladders that you can rent from companies. The decision on which type to rent will depend on your job, as well as how tall of a building you need to access. 

When renting ladders, be sure to check if there is any insurance available for damages done by accidents during your job and follow safety precautions for all power tools when using them.