Ladder Bars: A Must-Have for Towing or a Waste of Money?

Do Ladder Bars Help with Towing

Ladder bars have become a popular aftermarket addition to late-model cars and trucks. Some people believe that they help with towing by providing more traction. But do they really work?

What Are Ladder Bars?

Ladder bars are metal bars that are attached to the bed of a pickup truck or SUV to help with towing. They provide a stable platform for the truck to tow, preventing it from swaying and making the towing process easier.

How Do Ladder Bars Help With Towing?

Ladder bars are a great addition to any vehicle because they help with towing. They attach to the rear of the vehicle and help to distribute the weight more evenly, which can help with the towing process.

Do Ladder Bars Actually Help With Towing?

There is a lot of debate surrounding the use of ladder bars when it comes to towing. Some people swear by them, saying that they provide extra stability and help to reduce strain on the tow vehicle. Others say that they are nothing more than a waste of money and that they do not actually improve the towing experience.

The truth probably lies somewhere in between these two camps. While ladder bars may not be essential for most towing situations, they may provide some additional stability and help to reduce strain on the tow vehicle. If you are a tow truck driver, it is worth considering whether or not ladder bars are a useful addition to your equipment.

Traction Bars vs. Ladder Bars

Traction bars and ladder bars are two different types of tow bars that can be used to help with towing. Traction bars are made of metal, while ladder bars are made of plastic. They both have advantages and disadvantages.

One advantage of traction bars is that they provide more grip than ladder bars. This means that they can hold more weight and help to pull the vehicle more strongly. They are also easier to attach and remove than ladder bars.

One disadvantage of traction bars is that they can wear down over time. This is because they can become scratched and damaged by the wheels of the vehicle. Ladder bars do not have this problem, as they are not as likely to become scratched or damaged.

Can You Tow with Traction Bars

Towing with traction bars can be a helpful way to get your car moving, but it’s important to be aware of the limitations of this type of towing. While traction bars can help you pull your car relatively easily, they won’t provide the same level of support when you’re going uphill or when you’re pulling a heavy load.


So, do ladder bars help with towing? The answer is a little complicated. It depends on the situation. But in most cases, ladder bars are not really necessary for towing.