Do You Need a Ladder for a 30-Inch Pool? The Surprising Answer

Relaxation now has a new face in the form of comfort pools. You have finally finished setting up your 30-inch pool and what is left is for you to decide whether you are going to include a ladder or not.

You might be conflicted on several things regarding the ladder to use for your pool; what size of the ladder should you use, what kind of ladder to use, and if you even need one in the first place.

While this may feel like a decision you can make with the snap of a finger, there are several things you must consider before making that choice.

Do You Need A Ladder For A 30-Inch Pool

What Size of A Ladder Is Suitable for A 30-Inch Pool?

Choosing the right size of a ladder to use for your pool is very important. Getting a ladder too short can have very dangerous consequences, so also purchasing a ladder that is too big for the pool can produce undesirable results.

Pool ladders come in different shapes and sizes and are best when they are custom suited to the pool they will be attached to.

The shapes of these pool ladders, and to an extent the size depends on a number of factors including the nature of your deck, just how high your pool is, and other structures that may be constructed in or around the pool.

Also, before picking the right size, shape, or material of the ladder for your pool, you also need to consider the nature of the people that are going to use it. Are they adults or children? Are they advanced in age? Is their weight variation going to cause a problem?

These and many more are some of the questions that need to be asked before you select any kind of ladder of any size. Some of the pool ladders that are available for you to use in your 30-inch pool include Deck ladders, A-Frame ladders, and In-pool step ladders.

For pools with a wall height of 30 inches, ladders measuring up to 42 inches are generally accepted.

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Is a Ladder Required in A Pool?

Before we even go on to determine the shape, size, or nature of the ladder that will be suitable in any pool, we first must ask the tough question; do we even need a ladder in a pool anyway?

Well, unless you have gone swimming in a pool, or you intricately know your way around one, you won’t fully grasp the importance of having a pool ladder. Installing ladders in your pool is more about safety than anything else.

Older swimmers, and in some cases some younger swimmers as well, require the ladder to effectively get out of the pool after a relaxing swim. Your pool should be safe for everyone, not just the young and agile.

Apart from the fact that it is absolutely not safe or easy to get out of the pool without a ladder, you may require some specific muscles to do so. These muscles may become tense from intensive swimming making getting out of the pool more difficult.

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How Do You Get out Of a Pool without A Ladder?

Ladders provide support for swimmers when they go in and come out of a pool. Pools can be very slippery and it often takes some getting used to before you can go in or out without a ladder.

Here are some easy steps you can follow:

  1. You would have to swim to the side of the pool you want to get out to and then place both hands on the floor out of the pool.
  2. Proceed to submerge yourself vertically in the pool till you get to the limit of your arm length.
  3. In a quick burst, move in a vertical and upwards position kicking with your legs as you do so.
  4. Apply pressure on your arms and lift yourself out of the water steadily and carefully.
  5. Once your torso and part of your legs are above water, do a little twist and ensure your back is to the side of the pool.
  6. Sit on the floor and ensure you are steady before pulling your legs out of the water.
  7. Ensure you practice it repeatedly before you attempt to do it faster or at the end of a race.

What Is the Standard Height of Pool Steps?

There are a lot of things to consider when designing your own pool, one of which is the height of each pool step. The generally accepted height of any pool step is 12 inches.

However, some swimmers are more accustomed to swimming pool steps that are much lower, resulting in many expert pool designers agreeing that pool steps should be left at a range of 8 inches to 10 inches.

Pool steps are required to be wide enough to accommodate for the less precise and inaccurate movement we often have in water resulting from the buoyancy of the water. The width of each step should measure at least 10 inches when you measure it from front to back.

Also, for beginner swimmers who have not gotten around to balancing themselves in water, a step width of 12 inches is appropriate. As you may well know, the shorter a swimming pool step is, the more steps are needed to ensure people don’t trip.

For this reason, many pool owners result in removing the pool steps completely from the pool or placing them in the most shallow area in the pool so as to use fewer steps.


Pool ladders are great as they provide the much-needed balance to avoid accidents by the pools. Ensure that when you are designing a pool, you employ the services of an expert so as to get the right specifications, from the appropriate depth of the pool to its ladders and steps.

It is also important to note that the specifications for each pool vary, depending on the type of people that are going to swim in it.