Little Giant Ladders: Safe and Reliable or Risky and Unreliable?

Are Little Giant Ladders Safe

Little Giant ladders are one of the most popular types of ladder on the market today, as they’re incredibly lightweight and portable, which makes them ideal for moving around your home and performing different DIY projects. 

However, there are safety concerns about Little Giant ladders, including stability and top-heavy issues that have resulted in serious injuries to users. Is this true? Or should you still feel confident using Little Giant ladders? 

Read this article to learn about the safety hazards associated with Little Giant ladders and whether or not you should stop using them altogether.

Are Little Giant Ladders Safe?

These types of ladders are quite well-built and safe when they are used correctly. However, it is important to take note of their best use cases so that you can get maximum benefit and safety out of them. 

They are most commonly used in areas where a stable ladder is needed for cleaning windows or other household chores, like washing cars. 

These ladders are heavy enough that when you place them on a rough surface they will still be mostly steady and stable; at least more than an aluminum ladder could be.

How Many American Workers Use Ladders in Their Jobs

4.1 million or 9% of all workers, according to a study from The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) use ladders in their jobs. 

When people hear that statistic, they often imagine construction workers who frequently use ladders while on a job site. 

But many other common jobs involve ladders, too, such as window cleaners and painters, inspectors and maintenance personnel, electricians, and paperhangers, to name just a few more examples.

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Reasons Why Workers Might Choose a Little Giant Ladder Over Other Types of Ladders


While most employees assume that all ladders are equally safe, nothing could be further from the truth. 

Some serious safety issues are surrounding other types of ladders that employees need to consider. When looking for a ladder to use on a worksite, employees should stick with a Little Giant if they value their safety and well-being. 

Workers who use other types of ladders may not realize it, but they’re putting themselves at risk of injury every day.


While it’s true that many ladders can be used for many purposes, a Little Giant ladder offers the versatility you won’t find with any other type of ladder. 

It can be used for staircases, roofs, scaffolding, and more without losing its stability or sturdiness.


Many ladders are flimsy and unsteady, but that’s not an issue with a Little Giant ladder. 

This type of ladder is built to last, which means employees won’t have to replace it anytime soon. If they choose a heavier duty model, they can count on it being sturdy enough to hold more than twice its maximum load capacity. 

That gives them a sense of security as they use it on their job site every day.


When an employee chooses a Little Giant ladder, they know that it’s portable and easy to set up. That’s especially useful for employees who work on multi-story buildings. 

They won’t have to worry about carrying a heavy ladder up flights of stairs or setting up multiple ladders to complete their job. 

Instead, they can get to work right away using a convenient Little Giant ladder on any part of their building.


Many ladders come with accessories, but none offer as many options as a Little Giant ladder. They’re available in different sizes, so employees can find one that works for their job site or specific project. 

They can choose accessories that provide additional safety or convenience while they work on a building or other structure. 

It’s another way employees benefit from choosing a Little Giant ladder over other types of ladders.


When a worker chooses a Little Giant ladder, they know it will be stable and sturdy. It won’t wobble or shake as they climb up or down it, which can make workers more productive and less stressed out. 

They’ll also be able to work more safely when they have to move from place to place on their job site.

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How to Avoid Accidents with Little Giant Ladder

Although most Little Giant ladders are relatively safe, it’s important to keep in mind that falls can occur, especially if you don’t use your ladder correctly. 

Whether you’re an experienced painter or a first-time homeowner trying out a new tool, take some time to familiarize yourself with proper ladder usage. Keep these tips in mind as you go about your next home project.

  • Don’t climb higher than your second rung from the top. When using a ladder to access a ceiling or attic, don’t climb higher than your third rung up. 
  • Before climbing down, test one of your support points to make sure that it’s secure. If it’s not, you should have another person hold that leg while you descend. 
  • Remember, always set your ladder so that it won’t roll away from you while you work.
  • Practice ladder safety when you store your ladder. When you’re finished using it, be sure to properly lean it against a wall or fence so that no one trips over it. 
  • If you do have an accident with your Little Giant Ladder, don’t hesitate to contact their customer service representatives for assistance with replacement parts or full-scale repairs.

How to Pick the Right Height and Length of the Ladder for Your Needs

If you plan to paint a ceiling, use a tall stepladder. If you are hanging something heavy, like Christmas lights or wind chimes, use a long extension ladder. 

Ladder safety is important when you’re on one. Make sure that it has rubber feet to protect your floors and stands firmly with no rocking. 

Be careful not to overload your ladder by adding too much weight or too many people.

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Little Giant makes a lot of different types of ladders, and all these different kinds are designed to help people get things done around their homes or at work. 

However, to ensure that you stay safe while you’re using one of these ladders, it’s important to read any safety warnings before you put them into use.