The Cost of the Little Giant Xtreme Ladder: What You Need to Know

The Little Giant Xtreme is ranked as the world’s most versatile, strongest, and safest ladder. The vertical walk-through position enables the user to safely access the roof. In fact, there is no scary on or off-roof transition.

The horizontal standoff position, on the other hand, is ideal for painting, window cleaning, or maintenance.

The use of telescoping sides and patented hinges in addition to other features convert the ladder into multiple configurations.

Still, Little Giant Xtreme help with the transition from ladder to the roof eliminating the need to use multiple ladders and the user doesn’t feel dizzy or awkward while working because it gives them handrails to hold on to.

How Much Does the Little Giant Xtreme Ladder Cost

How Much Does the Little Giant Xtreme Ladder Cost

The Little Giant Xtreme Ladder can cost between $500 to $800. This depends on what model you are going to purchase. They have 3 different models (M17, M22, M26). These models come with and without safety rails.

Little Giant Xtreme Ladder Price with Safety Rails

  • M17: $599.96
  • M22: $699.96
  • M26: $799.96

Little Giant Xtreme Ladder Price without Safety Rails

  • M17: $569.96
  • M22: $659.96

You can check the latest price from their website

Different Little Giant Xtreme Ladder Models

Little Giant Xtreme Ladder Models has two models with or without the safety rail. Each ladder is designed to tackle different heights. Here are their different features and prices.

Models with or without Safety Rails


  • Both M17 models are the shortest and have an extension height between 9ft and 15ft, an A-frame height is between 4ft and 7ft and a storage height of 4’7’’
  • The ladder weighs 44.5 lbs. when it has a safety rail and 39 Lbs. without safety rail
  • M17 has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • The width at the base is 24.5”
  • The model with safety rails goes for $599.96
  • The model without safety rails goes for $569.96


  • The M22 with or without safety rail have an extension height of 11ft to 19ft, an A-frame height of 5ft to 9ft. and a storage height of 5’7”
  • The ladder weighs 52.5 lbs. with a safety rail and 47 Lbs. without safety rail
  • M22 has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. the same as the M17 ladder.
  • The width at the base is 27.5”
  • The model with safety rails goes for $699.96
  • The model without safety rails goes for $659.96


  • This is the tallest Little Giant Xtreme ladders with an extension height ranging from 13ft to 23 ft. The A-frame height ranges from 6ft to 11ft. and its storage height is 6’7”
  • The ladder weighs 63 lbs. with a safety rail and 57.5 Lbs. without safety rail
  • M26 has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. the same as the M17 and M22 ladder
  • The width at the base is 31”
  • The model with safety rails goes for $799.96

Little Giant Xtreme doesn’t sell M26 without a safety rail.

It’s important to note that these ladders have a lifetime warranty. The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee less the handling and shipping charges. This is the lowest guarantee in the market.

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What Else Does Little Giant Xtreme Offer with this Purchase?

Every purchase of an M17, M22 and M26 ladder earns you free accessories such as:

  • AirDeck workstation
  • Built-in Dual Ratchet Levels
  • Flared Legs
  • Stringer, safer Dual-Pin hinges
  • Tip and Guide Wheel Kit
  • User-friendly Rock Locks

In addition to these goodies the company ships all its ladders to the customers’ location free of charge through FedEx Ground Plus.

What You Will Like About Little Giant Xtreme

  • These models are the finest, strongest, safest and most versatile ladder across the globe.
  • It boasts of a host of patents and innovations that get you done faster and safer.
  • You can use its ladders in multiple heights and multiple positions.
  • The safety rails offer safe roof access, eliminate the feeling of awkwardness or vertigo. It offers extra stability when doing maintenance and painting. You can’t get this with traditional ladders.
  • You can easily convert the Little Giant Xtreme into a stable, wide flared extension ladder, a 90-degree ladder, a multiple-height, A-frame stepladder or even a speedy trestle and plant scaffolding system.
  • Its ladders are flexible, and the right tool for different people including window cleaners, home decorators, landscapers, painters, DIY homeowners, roofing contractors, general contractors, HVAC specialists, facility maintenance professionals and more.
  • The company offers the lowest money-back guarantee (60 days) in the market.
  • Little Giant Xtreme ladders meet and exceed ANSI and OSHA standards.
  • The ladder and the accessories are shipped free without charges.


The three models of Little Giant Xtreme offer extremely safety, comfort, and performance. They have been designed to help you reach higher heights and complete even the tallest jobs.

You will also not feel dizzy or awkward when repairing the roof, painting, or cleaning your windows because you have the option of buying a ladder with a safety rail or one without.

Additionally, the ladder has a host of free accessories and the manufacturer ships them without charges. Still, you can get your money back in under 60 days in case you’re happy with the product.