Maximize Your Festive Spirit with the Best Ladders for Hanging Christmas Lights and Decorations in 2023

The Christmas season is here again and everyone is scrambling to complete their Christmas decorations. Trying to hang Christmas lights around the Christmas tree or decorate the entire house with it, for very enthusiastic Christmas-season lovers.

However, reaching certain heights might be a problem, you may have worried about hanging the Christmas lights around the house or the roof of the house or lining them on the walls. Worry no more, there are very easy solutions to your problem – ladders.

Top 3 Best Ladders for Hanging Christmas Lights

In this article, we will go over some of the best ladders you can safely and conveniently use to hand your Christmas lights. These ladders are tried and trusted and they are also very accessible to any user.

1. Louisville FE3228 Fiberglass Extension Ladder

Best known for its heavy-duty capacity and impressive length

Louisville FE3228 Fiberglass Extension Ladder
Louisville Fiberglass Extension Ladder


The Louiseville fiberglass extension ladder is one of the best ladders out there, making it a naturally perfect fit for hanging Christmas lights during the festive season.

The ladder has an impressive 28 feet in length and it has a Type IA capacity, hence its orange color indicates that it is a heavy-duty ladder that can be used for several different tasks around the house.

The ladder has a weight carrying capacity of 300 pounds, it is strong, sturdy, and durable. The ladder is entirely made with fiberglass, making it a very safe ladder to use when trying to connect electrical wirings around the house, like Christmas lights.

The height of this ladder ensures that you would be able to reach even the roof of your buildings if that is where you’ve decided to hang your Christmas lights. The ladder comes with a rung lock and a steel-plated swivel safe shoe. The ladder has smooth finishes and it is very safe for users.

This ladder is on the expensive side however, this is quite understandable because it is produced by one of the best ladder manufacturers in the world.

The ladder is made with premium materials that ensure users have a safe, strong, and durable ladder. The ladder can be used inside the house but it is primarily decided to be used outside.


  • Incredible height of 28 feet
  • Type IA heavy-duty capacity ladder; 300 weight carrying capacity
  • Made with safe fiberglass materials for hanging Christmas lights without conducting electricity
  • It has a patented rung latch lock
  • It has a steel-plated swivel safety shoe
  • A strong, sturdy, and durable ladder
  • Great quality ladder
  • Under ANSI and CSA safety codes
  • Available in different sizes


  • This ladder is quite expensive at about $580
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2. Yvan Telescopic Ladder

Best known for its one-button retraction functionality and heavy-duty capacity

Yvan Telescopic Ladder
Yvan Telescopic Ladder


The Yvan telescoping ladder is a 12.5 feet height ladder that is amazing for hanging Christmas lights in the house and around the house.

This ladder is made primarily with aluminum materials, it has a weight carrying capacity of 330 pounds. The ladder can be retracted into a folded position of a very short length where it can be carried around in your car.

The ladder can be compressed into this position by the push of just one button, making storage pretty easy. It is made with good and premium materials that make it a strong, durable, and reliable material.

It comes in different sizes and it is perfect for hanging Christmas lights around the house or inside the house. It is easy to store, has an intelligent retraction mechanism, however, you would have to be careful while using the ladder so you don’t mistakenly press the button while being used.

Even though this is not likely to happen if you are careful enough, it can cause some form of injury if it does happen.

The ladder itself is lightweight despite it being a heavy-duty ladder, it is also easy to use and sturdy on the ground. It is not nearly as expensive as the last ladder reviewed, it costs about $150.


  • It is affordable
  • It has a one-button ladder retraction function (intelligent locking mechanism)
  • It is available in different sizes
  • It is easy to use, store away, and carry around in your car
  • Strong, safe, and sturdy ladder
  • It is a heavy-duty ladder with 330 pounds load carrying capacity
  • Made with premium quality aluminum materials


  • You would have to be very careful not to initiate the one-button retraction function while it is being used and cause an accident
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3. Werner 6-Foot Step Ladder

Best known for its safety platform design

Werner 6-Foot Step Ladder
Werner Step Ladder


The Werner 356 step ladder is a 6 feet ladder that is primarily used inside the house. If your purpose is to hang the Christmas light on your walls in or around the house, then this ladder is for you.

It is made with great aluminum materials and it has a weight carrying capacity of 225 – 250 pounds.

Like every step ladder, it is safe, sturdy, and reliable and its aluminum materials make it a strong ladder. It is a lightweight ladder that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg at about $70 – $95, making it the most affordable ladder reviewed in this article.

The top of the ladder has a platform to keep things while using the ladder to work. In this case, the platform ladder is going to help you hold the extra Christmas lights while hanging some on your house.

The ladder is easy to store away and easy to transport from one place to the other. This is the best ladder for hanging Christmas lights.


  • The weight carrying capacity is between 225 – 250 pounds
  • It is very affordable
  • It is a safe, sturdy, and reliable ladder
  • It has a platform design
  • Easy to store and transport
  • The ladder is lightweight
  • Made with amazing aluminum materials


  • It has the least weight capacity on the list
  • Not as durable as the other ladders reviewed on this list
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What to look out for in a ladder for hanging Christmas lights

There are certain things to watch out for when you intend to purchase a ladder to hang your Christmas lights around the house or anywhere else for that matter.

  1. Weight of the ladder
  2. Weight carrying capacity or duty rating of the ladder
  3. Size or length of the ladder
  4. Ease of use
  5. Strength and sturdiness of the ladder
  6. Budget