Keller vs. Werner Ladders: The Ultimate Showdown

In 1999, Keller ladders were bought over by Werner Incorporated. After the buy over, Werner’s continued to incorporate other standard and high-quality ladders to their collection.

However, the Keller brand was kept because of loyal users and it was already widely popular.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of your favorite Keller ladders and Werner ladders, we will also take a look at the silent contest between the two ladder brands if we can call it that.

Keller vs. Werner Ladders

Keller ladders and Werner ladders are under the wing of Werner ladders after Keller was bought over by Werner.

Keller Vs. Werner Ladders

It is not so much a Keller vs. a Werner ladder, as it is that both ladders came together to forge a top-notch quality ladder industry.

Does Werner Make Keller Ladders?

So, you know that Werner bought Keller ladders, but a lot of users are unsure if Keller ladders are still made by their initial manufacturers, after all, they kept the name and Werner only acquired the distribution and manufacturing wing of the business.

Subsequently, the two companies became known as wholesome giants in the ladder industry.

Although, I wonder why users want to know if Werner ladders produce Keller ladders, why is it even a question of interest but that is not for me to decide.

In a way I have answered the question – if Werner purchased the manufacturing arm of Keller ladders, then by right, everything manufactured by Keller ladders is manufactured by Werner.

To cut the long story short, yes, Keller ladders are now made by Werner’s even though Keller kept their brand name when they were bought over by Werner ladders.

I don’t know the nitty-gritty or the fine details, maybe they kept the key workers that always produced the amazing ladders you are used to.

Werner ladders are owned by Old Ladder Corporation (DE), Incorporated. The company produced their ladders in the United States of America, but after some years, they moved their manufacturing arm from America.

Their standard and quality are so good that loyal users don’t even mind the place of production.

Also, Werner’s is not the only ladder company that moved their production from America, the Louisville ladders moved from America to Mexico around that same period before Werner moved.

Are Keller Ladders Any Good?

Keller ladders are some of the best ladders in the ladder industry even today. The buy over from Werner ladders even served to improve their standard and quality.

They are generally known to produce one of the best step ladders and extension ladders in the industry. Keller ladders are known for their versatility with household tasks.

The ladders are primarily designed to be used around the house for light tasks, it can also be used for light construction works. Some Keller ladders have a weight carrying capacity of 300 pounds, i.e., code 1A.

Although they are globally known for their step ladders, Keller also produces step stool ladders and multipurpose ladders that can be fashioned into a variety of shapes to fit the need of the user per time.

Keller ladders are strong, sturdy, and reliable. They vary in prices and functions, they are also made with different materials including aluminum, fiberglass, and even wood for wooden ladders.

Before deciding on the Keller ladder to go for, you would need to factor in a couple of things like the task you intend to carry out.

For example, if you intend to fix a wiring problem and there is electricity involved, using an aluminum ladder will be ill-advised.

In this case, using a fiberglass ladder will be the best choice. You also need to know the height you will be reaching to determine the size of the ladder you’ll need to purchase.

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Now, let’s take a look at some of the best Keller ladders in detail.

The Keller K Pro Ladder

Keller K Pro Ladder
Keller K Pro Ladder

The Keller KPro ladder is a multi-functional or multi-purpose ladder that can be transformed into a twin step ladder, two bases of a scaffold, a stairway stepladder, and an extension ladder.

Some can also serve as a wall ladder. Keller KPro ladders are Type 1A coded ladders. This ladder can be altered to adjust to 13 different height differences.

The ladder is safe and strong, it has protection against slips and falls on the ladder rungs. It is a heavy-duty ladder that is primarily designed to be used by professional contractors.

One very popular type of the KPro ladder is the Keller KPro 26 ladder.

The Keller K Pro 26 Ladder

Keller K Pro 26 Ladder
Keller K Pro 26 Ladder

The Keller KPro 26 ladder is a multi-functional ladder with a size inserted into its name, the ladder is a 26-foot ladder.

When used as an extension ladder, it has a height of 25ft. It is easy to use and fashion into 5 distinct positions.

The positions include; the step ladder – the twin step ladder and the stairway step ladder, it can also be used as a base for two scaffold types, a wall ladder, and obviously, the extension ladder.

One feature I found very intriguing about the ladder is its weight carrying capacity when it is being used as a twin-step ladder.

On both sides of the ladder, it can carry a weight of 300 pounds each. The ladder rungs are designed to prevent slips and falls for the user.

The ladder is firm, strong, and provides adequate support for users. It is generally made with ladder aluminum materials and aluminum support. This Keller ladder type is largely used by professionals and it is a heavy-duty ladder.

Features of The Keller K Pro 26:

  • Multifunctional ladder designed to be used by 1 or 2 users depending on the type of ladder it is being used as per time  
  • Prevents against slips and fall
  • It can be used as five different ladders
  • Safe and extra supportive wide bottom legs for firm support
  • Heavy-duty ladder with 300 pounds load carrying capacity
  • Strong, with a double riveted step design for durability    

Werner Multi-Position Ladders

Werner ladders have always been a trendsetter in the ladder industry, even with the OSHA codes for ladders and other working equipment.

Werner has a varied number of multifunctional ladders that can serve as more than one type of ladder, hence its name – multi-position ladder.

In this article, I’m only going to talk in detail about two series of the Werner multi-position ladders.

The Almp Aluminum Series Multi-Max Position Ladders:

ALMP-24IAA Ladder

These are heavy-duty ladders with a capacity of 375 pounds and there are 2 ladder types in this series;

  • ALMP-20IAA: This is a multi-position ladder with a load capacity of 375 pounds, Werner states that it has 25 different positions
  • ALMP-24IAA: This is a multi-position ladder with a load capacity of 375 pounds, Werner states that it has 34 different positions        

The Mt-00IAA Aluminum Series Multi-Position Ladders:

MT-261AA Ladder

These are heavy-duty ladders with a capacity of 375 pounds with 32 different positions. This series has about 4 model ladders and they include;

  • MT-261AA: This is a multi-position ladder that has 41 positions
  • MT-221AA: This ladder has 32 positions
  • MT-181AA: This ladder has 24 positions
  • MT-141AA: This ladder has 16 positions

These ladders are generally designed to be lightweight ladders, although they are meant to be used for heavy-duty tasks. They are at the far end of the heaviest carrying ladders.


Other series include;

  • MT aluminum multi-position series: This series has 4 ladder models ranging from the MT-13 to MT-26.
  • MT1 aluminum multi-position series: This has 3 ladder models ranging from the MT1-13B to the MT1-22B.
  • FMT fiberglass pro-multi-position series: This has 3 ladder models, FMT-13 to FMT-22.
  • MTIAA aluminum multi-position ladder: This series only has 1 ladder in its series, it has 24 different positions.