Top 5 Best Ladder Rack for Enclosed Trailer

Best Ladder Rack for Enclosed Trailer

If you are planning to get an enclosed trailer, or you already have one you use for work, there is a high chance you will need a ladder rack to safely hold your ladder when you’re on the move.

With so many options out there, knowing the right product that will be effective for your trailer can be tricky.

Luckily, this comprehensive guide will not only give you a profound look into the world of ladder racks, but will also give you some insight into what to look for when searching for the right product.

Cargo Trailer Ladder Racks

Cargo trailers generally are known for carrying load or other equipment from one location to another. These enclosed trailers often go side by side with a ladder which often aids work.

Transporting this ladder along with the cargo in the trailer is where things get tricky. Simply storing your ladder in the cargo trailer alongside other equipment and objects will cause damage to both the load and your ladder.

This is where ladder racks are most useful. These ladder racks help hold your ladder in place during transportation and serve as a more practical way to store your ladder when it’s not in use.

Aluminum Ladder Rack for Trailers

Aluminum is proving to be one of the most universally accepted materials for equipment and tools all over the world. There numerous benefits aluminum ladder racks possess over ladder racks made using other materials. Some of which include;

  1. They are lightweight, and can be easily installed without the need for extra assistance.
  2. As a result of their lightweight nature, they do not cause harm to the trailer. A crash test was carried out using these aluminum ladder racks, and the result showed no significant damage to the bodywork of the trailer. 
  3. They possess aesthetic value that makes them widely sought after.
  4. They are super durable and do not rust when exposed to natural elements.

How Do You Install a Ladder Rack on A Cargo Trailer 

The process of installing a ladder rack on your enclosed trailer is super easy. Just follow these easy steps.

  1. Properly measure your ladders and ladder racks to make sure they are a perfect fit before installing. 
  2. Locate the points on your trailer where it is most suitable to install the racks. This usually is where the studs are located on the trailer wall.
  3. Mark the spots where the ladder rack will be attached on both sides to avoid errors.
  4. Drill a hole carefully in four distinct locations that will serve as the support points for the ladder rack.
  5. Attach the bolts to the ramp and then insert into the holes with small plates acting as a cushion. 
  6. Properly fasten each bolt before screwing on the rack brackets with a bolt. 
  7. Do the same for the second rack a few inches apart. 

Note: Ensure you cut off any excess bolt that may stick out inside the trailer. This will prevent accidents and help you maximize space as you will be able to rest objects against the walls of the trailer easily.

How Do You Secure Items in An Enclosed Trailer 

The best way to secure loose items in your cargo trailer is by using straps and bungee cords to fasten the items to either side of the enclosed trailer.

Ensure that you tie it down more than once to ensure it is properly fastened and won’t loosen while on the road. Additionally, ensure the load does not extend beyond the trailer as this could easily lead to accidents. 

Is a Ladder Rack Worth It?

Absolutely! If you are the type that constantly transports load and equipment in your trailer, you will need to maximize every inch of space available to you in your trailer. Storing a ladder in your trailer is not feasible, especially when it is an extension ladder.

Utilizing a ladder rack gives you a safer and more practical alternative that you can use to store and transport your bulky ladders without compromising your safety, or the safety of the ladder. 

What Size Ladder Rack Do I Need?

The size of the ladder rack is dependent both on the size of the ladder you want to transport and the size of the trailer. Ensure you get each part measured to ensure they are a perfect fit before even purchasing the ladder rack. 

The width of the ladder when it is closed will determine the size of the rack bracket, and the length of the trailer will determine the length of the ladder rack. 

Buying Guide – How To Buy The Best Ladder Rack for Enclosed Trailer

With so many options in the market, you may find it difficult selecting the right ladder rack for your enclosed trailer, especially when you don’t know what to prioritize. This buying guide includes features and qualities that you should look out for when buying a ladder rack. 

  • Material Quality 

There are numerous advantages of purchasing a ladder rack made from superior materials. Apart from being super effective, a ladder rack made from top quality materials will last a while.

You don’t have to worry about replacing the rack after a few years due to damaging parts, instead you can enjoy your ladder rack for as long as you use the trailer. 

  • Design

The design of any ladder rack is an essential aspect of the selection process. The rack must be designed in such a way that the user feels safe, comfortable, and satisfied.

Seeing as this equipment is going to be tasked with supporting heavy objects, its design must be done in such a way that makes it more effective. Some of the best ladder racks in the market were deemed so because of the amount of thought and effort that went into them. 

  • Ease of use/installation 

Not everyone is equipped with both the technical and practical skills needed to properly install and use a ladder rack. If you fall into that category, then you must pay extra attention to the process and installation requirements of the ladder rack you intend to buy. 

  • Versatility

You may not be aware of the kind of ladder rack that will go perfectly well with your trailer, so it is important you purchase one that can be used on different kinds of enclosed trailers without fear of damage over time. These ‘multi-trailer’ ladder racks often can be pricey, and if you can spare a few bucks, they are an absolute delight. 

  • Size

You must measure your enclosed trailer to know the rack that would be a perfect fit. Buying a ladder rack that is longer than your trailer is just an accident waiting to happen. Instead, when shopping for a ladder rack product to use, do so with an ideal measurement in mind. 

  • Durability 

Nobody wants a ladder rack that cannot support a ladder properly, or one that begins to detach or wear down after a while. This is why durability is an important factor to consider. You can consult customer reviews to be informed on which products are most durable and which aren’t. These reviews could also give you a few maintenance tips to promote the durability of your ladder rack. 

  • Warranty

Having a great warranty deal can help protect your investment, and ensure you get a great deal all round. In the event that something goes wrong during the duration of the warranty, you will be able to get some part of your money back which you can use to get a better product.

Typically, the longer the warranty duration, the better the chance that your investment will not be ruined by an unforeseen damage to the product after purchase.

Review of The Best Ladder Racks for Enclosed Trailer

Let’s get started with the review of the top 5 ladder racks for enclosed trailer.

Mountainpeak Aluminum Side Mount Ladder Rack for Enclosed Trailer

Mountainpeak Aluminum Side Mount Ladder Rack for Enclosed Trailer

Best in Sturdiness

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This ladder rack is widely known for its durability in supporting ladders in an enclosed trailer. It serves as a suitable replacement to roof ladder racks which is largely regarded as an unsafe option. 

Ease of Use/installation

There are many ladder racks on the market that will give you a hassle during installation. You may be tasked with looking for tools and some of the hardware parts to be able to successfully install the ladder rack. Luckily this ladder rack is equipped with all the parts you need for installation, and it can be done easily with basic tools without needing any special skill. 

Material Quality 

This ladder rack is made from quality which not only adds to its durability, but also its longevity. This rack is made from extruded aluminum and so can withstand damage from natural elements. It’s also corrosion resistant and so you don’t have to worry about rust for a really long time.


  • Extremely durable and corrosion resistant 
  • Installation process does not require special skills and tools
  • Transports ladder on the interior or exterior part of an enclosed ladder which is safer
  • Manufactured using quality materials
  • Can hold up to 200 lbs


  • Hook needs to be deeper to improve the mounting process 
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StarONE Universal Cargo Aluminum Side Mount Ladder Racks for Enclosed Trailer

StarONE Universal Cargo Aluminum Side Mount Ladder Racks for Enclosed Trailer

Best in Material quality

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Material Quality 

It is almost impossible to talk about this ladder rack without mentioning it’s manufactured using heavy duty aluminum weld for a reinforced rack system. This makes the rack strong and sturdy and able to withstand daily usage and extreme weather conditions. 

Easy Installation 

You can easily install this ladder rack with simple tools like bungee cords and safe locks. You can carry out this installation process all by yourself, as it does not require extra knowledge or skill. You also have the option of employing the services of a professional handyman to help with installation. 


This ladder rack is suitable for most enclosed ladders and so you don’t have to worry about it causing damage to your trailer in the process. The rack holds up your ladder and keeps it away from the bodywork of the trailer efficiently ensuring the ladder does not hit or scratch the side of your trailer when you hit a bump. 

Strength and Durability 

You want your ladder rack to be able to handle bulky ladders without bending or causing a strain on the side of the trailer. This is another area where this ladder rack stands out. 


  • Easy installation process
  • Can support heavy ladders up to 220 lbs
  • Universal ladder rack; capable of fitting most modern enclosed trailers 
  • Extra sturdy and durable 
  • Protects the trailer’s body work during bumpy trips


  • May not be available at local stores
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Appacare Heavy Duty Side Ladder Rack for Enclosed Cargo Trailer

Appacare Heavy Duty Side Ladder Rack for Enclosed Cargo Trailer

Best in Design

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Material Quality

Appacare’s ladder rack for enclosed cargo trailers is made from galvanized iron which ensures the durability and longevity of the ladder rack. It is also super sturdy and offers a strong landing platform for your ladders to rely on. As a result of the use of galvanized iron, this ladder rack is able to support heavier loads up to 200 lbs, while only weighing about 5.74 lbs. 

Easy Installation 

When you get this ladder rack from Appacare and you open the box, you will find mounting hardware, 2 bungee cords for fastening, and two ladder racks. This makes the whole process a lot more seamless, and easier to carry out without needing an extra pair of hands. 


This rack measures about 25-2/5” in length, and an inside opening of about 8-1/4”. This makes it suitable to be used on most enclosed trailers. 


  • Side mount offers better alternative to roof mount
  • Capable of support up to 200 lbs
  • Equipped with mounting hardware
  • Super lightweight 
  • Easy installation process


  • Many users complained of rust and corrosion after exposure to natural elements
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Tiewards Universal Aluminum Side Mount Ladder Racks for Enclosed Trailer

Tiewards Universal Aluminum Side Mount Ladder Racks for Enclosed Trailer

Best in Ease of Installation

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Ease of Installation 

If you’re like me that finds working with your hands a little too technical, this is the ladder rack for you. You do not have to worry about needing an instruction manual to be able to mount this rack onto your trailer. Additionally, all the hardware you will need has been included in the packet to further aid easy installation. 

Material Quality 

We all have heard of the benefits of aluminum above other materials. This ladder rack is constructed with heavy duty aluminum weld that offers quality assurance. Apart from being lightweight and durable, this aluminum ladder rack is super sturdy and capable of supporting a maximum load up to 220 lbs.


This ladder rack is manufactured using durable tubing and can be used in different types of modern trailers. It can be installed both inside and outside the trailer without any hassle.


  • Design protects the body of the trailer 
  • Heavy duty aluminum ensures durability and efficiency 
  • Universal application 
  • Includes mounting gear


  • May begin to bend if used to support more than one ladder at a time
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ELITEWILL Adjustable Trailer Ladder Rack

ELITEWILL Adjustable Trailer Ladder Rack

Best in Durability

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Cost Efficiency and Durability 

Nobody wants to buy a bunch of ladder racks in a short period of time in a search for a durable product. This is why Elitewill’s adjustable ladder rack is a breath of fresh air. You get great value for your money as you get to use this rack for a lifetime. As for its durability, this ladder rack is coated with a gray powder coating that ensures that it is protected against natural elements. If left under the rain for long periods, this ladder rack is guaranteed not to rust or lose its beauty. 

Strength and Stability 

This ladder rack is capable of supporting up to two ladders or other similarly shaped equipment. If you need to support up to 2 ladders, then you need to use 4 rack brackets. 

Material Quality 

This ladder rack is manufactured using heavy duty steel which guarantees stability and efficiency all through the years. 


  • Each packaged box contains 4 rack brackets, 2 towers, 8 bungee cords, and other mounting hardware. 
  • Super easy to install
  • Offers great value for your money
  • Easily adjustable to aid support
  • Heavy duty steel guarantees longevity 


  • Can be relatively pricey
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When it comes to purchasing a ladder rack for your enclosed trailer, one of the most challenging things you will face is knowing just what you need in a ladder rack that will solve most of your problems.

This guide will help you make an informed decision on the right ladder for you, and avoid any challenges you may face in sifting through the available options.

As an added bonus, you can look out for ladder racks that come with extra hardware accessories that both help in installation or as spare parts.

Safety is an integral part of ladder rack selection that must not be overlooked for obvious reasons. You must ensure that the ladder rack you intend to buy is capable of supporting the weight of your ladder before purchase.

This will prevent the rack bracket snapping after a short while. Seeking as most parts of the rack can be dangerous, take extra care during the process of installation. 

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