Working on Ladders in the Rain: Tips and Precautions

Can You Work on Ladders in The Rain

The rainy season usually comes with its fair share of canceled projects and plans. This is largely due to the unconducive nature of the environment when it rains.

You may have some work to do around the house or in your garden with a ladder and are then forced to pack up equipment to storage and abandon any pending projects as a result of the rain.

What if this wasn’t always the case? What if you are somehow able to get around to your projects despite the rain? In this article, we are going to keenly analyze the intricacies of working with a ladder under the rain. But first, we tackle the issue of safety. 

Is It Safe to Use a Ladder in The Rain?

It is a known fact that the rain makes everything around it a lot more slippery. Ladders are no different. And so, many wonder if it is possible to work using a ladder outside while it is thundering. Properly educating yourself on just how to remain safe while climbing a ladder out in the rain may just save your life. Here are some safety tips you could use.

1. Use the Right Ladder in The Rain

This is a very important aspect of ladder use under the rain that many take for granted. First, the right ladder would be the right height and does not need you to overreach to get the job done.

Next, the right ladder would be made from a material that is a poor conductor to keep you safe during a thunderstorm. Fiberglass ladders generally are regarded as poor conductors and so are suitable for the job.

2. Inspect Your Ladder Thoroughly

Before taking your ladder out into the rain, you must ensure you properly inspect the ladder to ensure that it is suitable for use. The last thing you want is to use a ladder with worn feet, damaged or missing parts out in the rain. This will make your ladder unsuitable to hold your weight or make it more prone to slipping.

3. Wear the Right Clothing for The Weather

Before going out into the rain with your ladder, ensure that you are properly covered in protective clothing like a waterproof jacket, gloves, and headgear. You must also ensure you are equipped with high visibility equipment to navigate out in the rain. Also, ensure your shoes are sturdy and have anti-slip soles.

4. Do Not Work for Long Periods

It’s never a good idea to expose yourself to the rain for very long periods, especially if it is on a ladder. If the job requires more time, ensure you take breaks after every 25 to 30 minutes of working on the ladder. During these ground breaks, you can rest under a shade before heading back out.

5. Avoid Overreaching 

This is an absolutely important tip when using a ladder out in the rain. Overreaching increases the chances of the ladder falling. Instead, move the ladder when you need to reach a farther spot.

6. Maintain the Three Points of Contact Rule

While this rule was made for general ladder use, it is more than useful out in the rain. You must ensure you are stable enough at all times by maintaining at least three points of contact at all times to avoid any accidents. 

7. Do Not Climb when The Danger Is High

Working with a ladder under the rain should never be an extreme activity. You must stop immediately when the winds get too strong or there is even the slightest risk of lightning. 

8. Refrain from Climbing if You Don’t Feel Confident

Lastly, if you do not feel confident to pull this off safely, then you should not even attempt it. Refrain from climbing at the slightest hesitation at working at a certain height under those conditions.

Is It Okay to Work in The Rain?

The straightforward answer is yes. But it comes with a disclaimer. Working in the rain raises the risk level of any activity to significant levels. This is why it is important to limit working in the rain as much as you can, and ensure you follow safety regulations and procedures whenever you do so.

Wearing protective gear all through the period you’re in the rain will not only ensure your safety against the harsh cold but also against harmful objects and particles picked up by the wind. 

Can Builders Work in The Rain?

Before a builder can be deemed fit to work in the rain, they must have been properly educated on the approved safety procedures. Also, these builders must be properly protected with rain-resistant gear from head to toe. All the equipment to be used must also be double-checked to ensure they are safe and efficient, and will not lead to any accidents in the rain.

Although incessant rainfall can greatly affect the productivity and efficiency of the builder’s work, short bouts of rain will have little to no effect.

Can Working in The Rain Make You Sick?

The simple answer is no, it can’t. Time and time again researchers have revealed that the idea that being out in the rain can cause a person to develop a cold is false.

Although being out working in the rain may make you a lot prone to falling ill, it does not out rightly cause a cold. Working in the rain for a long time can significantly drop your body’s temperature which could cause hypothermia to set in.

Also, rainfall causes viruses and bacteria from the ground to become present in the atmosphere which can then lead to sickness. To be safe from this, invest in protective gear for your body and face. This will lower the chances of you picking up a bacteria or virus while working in the rain.