How Much Do Ladders Weigh? The Surprising Answer

How Much Does a Ladder Weigh

In this article, I will be talking about the different weights of different ladder types and ladder sizes. The different types of ladders are predominantly determined by the material the ladder is made with including; fiberglass, aluminum, alloy steel, and wooden materials.

How Much Does a Ladder Weigh

The material a ladder is made with is an important determinant of how much the ladder will weigh. For example, a 14-foot ladder made with aluminum and a 14-foot ladder made with fiberglass material will not have the same weight.

Also, a simple extension ladder will most likely not weigh as much as an A-frame ladder or a step ladder. As we go through the article, I will go through the most common types of ladders both in the type of materials, sizes, and brand.  

How Much Does a 6-Foot Aluminum Ladder Weigh?

A 6-foot ladder commonly weighs about 32 pounds to 37 pounds. The variation is dependent on the type of material used to make the ladder. 

  1. A fiberglass 6-foot ladder weighs between 33 pounds and 34 pounds
  2. An aluminum 6-foot ladder weighs about 32 pounds
  3. While, a wooden 6-foot ladder weighs the heaviest, 37 pounds                      

As far as the 6-foot ladder is concerned, the aluminum-made ladder weighs the lightest and the wooden ladder weighs the heaviest. 

The brand type will also impact the weight of the ladder, even for a 6-foot ladder; a popular ladder brand is the Werner ladder. The 6-foot aluminum Werner ladder weighs approximately 32 pounds.

A Louiseville 6-foot fiberglass A-frame ladder weighs 20 pounds. The heaviest 6-foot ladder I have seen weighs 37 pounds and it is a step ladder made with the southern yellow pine.          

How Much Does a 17 ft Giant Little Ladder Weigh?

The Little Giant ladder is one of the popular brands of ladders and their 17ft ladder is a multipurpose ladder made with aluminum materials. The ladder weighs 32 pounds. This ladder can also be fashioned into an A-frame ladder.

What Does a 24 Foot Extension Ladder Weigh?

A 24-foot ladder is rated amongst the biggest in terms of ladder size. They typically weigh between 30 pounds to 170 pounds depending on the materials used to manufacture the ladder. Like in the case of the Werner manufactured 24 feet fiberglass ladders.     

  1. A 24 ft extension ladder made with fiberglass material weighs about 170 pounds
  2. A 24 ft extension ladder made with aluminum weighs about 35 pounds
  3. A wooden-made 24 ft extension ladder has a varying weight of 52 pounds to over 100 pounds. Depending on the type of wood used to make the ladder.      

Typically, as indicated, aluminum ladders weigh the lightest, fiberglass ladders are in-between, and wooden ladders weigh the heaviest.

However, this fact is not set in stone, for example, a 24 ft ladder made with the southern pine wood weighs about 52 pounds. Some fiberglass ladders weigh between 50 – 52 pounds and some aluminum ladders come up closely at 42 pounds.      

How Much Does a 28-foot Ladder Weigh?

As you must know by now, every ladder, including a 28 ft ladder can be made with different materials that can impact its weight. 28-foot ladders will naturally weigh a little more than 24-foot ladders. They usually weigh between a minimum of 50 pounds and above. 

  1. A 28 ft fiberglass extension ladder weighs about 60 pounds
  2. A 28 ft aluminum extension ladder weighs about 51 – 52 pounds. 
  3. While the wooden 28 ft extension ladders typically weigh from 60 pounds and above.   

The popular ladder brand, Werner, has a 28 ft aluminum ladder that weighs 50.5 pounds ranking it among the lightest on this size list. 

How Much Does a 32-foot Ladder Weigh?

A 32 ft ladder typically weighs a minimum of 60 pounds and above, and they are multipurpose ladders that are meant mostly for the outdoors.  

  1. A wooden 32 ft extension ladder weighs a minimum of 70 pounds
  2. A 32 ft fiberglass extension ladder falls within its typical 67 pounds weight
  3. While an aluminum 32 ft ladder weights the lightest at 63 pounds. 

A 32 ft ladder is in no way a small ladder, it ranks 2nd highest as far as size is concerned. Bested only by the 40 ft ladder.

How Much Does a 40-foot Ladder Weigh?

A 40 ft ladder weighs a minimum of 70 pounds – 110 pounds. They are the heaviest due solely to their size. They are solely intended to be used outdoors for heavy-duty tasks like construction. 

  1. A 40 ft fiberglass ladder weighs about 110 pounds
  2. The wooden 40 ft extension ladder can weigh up to 90 pounds upwards
  3. While the aluminum 40 ft ladder weighs between 73 pounds to 75 pounds. 

The 40 ft ladder is the biggest size of a ladder on this list and it ranks amongst the heaviest weighing ladders. 

How Much Does the Little Giant Ladder Weigh?

The Little Giant ladder is one of the big-name brands in the ladder industry, they have some of the best ladders in the market. However, to determine what their ladders weigh, you would first of all have to know what the size of the ladder is;

  • A 13 ft little giant ladder weighs 25 pounds
  • A 17 ft little giant ladder weighs 32 pounds
  • A 22 ft little giant ladder weighs 39 pounds
  • A 26 ft little giant ladder weighs 54 pounds

It is also important you know that this brand majorly manufactures aluminum ladders, so these ladder weights are aluminum.

Also, note that these given weights do not have ratches included on the ladder as required accessories. When ratches are included, the weights of the ladders increase, for example;

  • A 17 ft little giant ladder weighs 35 pounds, with ratches
  • The 22 ft little giant ladder still weighs the same with or without ratches
  • While the 26 ft little giant ladder weighs 54.5 pounds, with ratches 

How Much Does a Murphy Ladder Weigh?

The Murphy ladder brand is just as popular as the Little Giant, however, the rules remain the same. The size and material of the ladder determine the weight of the ladder. Murphy ladders are typically small multifunctional heavy-duty ladders that can be used around the home.

  • A 7 ft murphy ladder weighs 21 pounds
  • A 9 ft murphy ladder weighs 25 pounds
  • An 11 ft murphy ladder weighs 29 pounds.