How to Safely Climb Down a Ladder from a Roof

Roof maintenance is an important task to keep you and your family safe from weather elements such as rain, wind or sun.

Still, you must exercise precaution when going up and down using a ladder. Indeed, one out of five deaths that occur in construction is linked to roof work. 

Even professional roofers sometimes get severe injuries or are killed when carrying out roof inspections due to neglecting roof safety procedures. So then here is how to climb down a ladder from a roof.

How Do You Safely Get on a Ladder From a Roof?

How to Climb Down a Ladder from a Roof

After cleaning or inspecting your roof you will definitely need to come down. Climbing back to the ladder from the edge of the roof can be tricky. It requires proper technique to move from the roof back to the step ladder.

You can back onto the ladder by first holding it securely with your both hands. Next facing the roof swing one leg onto the rung and start going down slowly.

One important point to remember is that you shouldn’t attempt to step over the top rung while facing away from the roof.

Also, you should never attempt to climb down the ladder while facing away from the ladder. Always face the ladder every time you’re either ascending or descending.

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