How to Tie a Rope Ladder: A Step-by-Step Guide

Many people living in a story building may probably have thought about how to tie a rope ladder to escape when the house is burning.

Emergencies are inevitable in life and so it’s important to be prepared. While you can’t stop them from happening you can arm yourself with both knowledge and resources.

A DIY rope ladder offers an excellent mobility advantage where a traditional ladder is not available or not practical.

How to Tie a Rope Ladder

Here is how you make your own rope ladder and use it to get to the ground when there is a fire or when you want to escape to your treehouse.

How Do You Tie a Rope for a Rope Ladder?

You can make a ladder using a single rope, however, two ropes are better and make work easier. The following are simple steps of tying a rope when making a rope ladder.  

Step 1: Make a U shape on the ground using the rope. Measure 30 cm (1 ft.) on the right side of the rope using your hand.

Step 2: Make an S shape with that part of the rope and squish it down horizontally.  

Step 3: Create the first rung of your ladder by threading the left end of the rope around the S you made in step 2. Wrap around it four times. Create the second S on the right side of the rope and feed the end of the rope used in the first S to complete the rug. Make your wraps neat and tight as much as you can because this makes your ladder sturdy.

Step 4: Continue creating several S on the right hand of the rope and wrapping it with the rope on the left hand to make rungs until you achieve the desired length.

Step 5: Finish up the ladder when the rope runs out or when you achieve the desired length. Go back to all rungs and ensure that they are level and tight.

Practice this skill until you’re able to make a good ladder and then store it in a good place because you never know when you will need it.