How to Safely Sneak Out of a 2 Story House Without a Ladder

Teenagers are known to sneak out of the house without permission from their parents. They feel it’s particularly necessary when they don’t want to miss out on having fun with their friends.

Sneaking out of a 2 story house with a ladder is a lot easier than without. And so it can be dangerous when done without a stable tool such as a ladder.

However, a person may want to escape from the house without using the front door due to an emergency such as fire, burglary, natural disaster, domestic violence and more.

How to Sneak out Of a 2 Story House without A Ladder

How to Sneak Out of a 2 Story House without a Ladder

Many people are interested in how to sneak out of a 2 story house without a ladder. So then, this article will highlight two methods that a person can successfully use to exit the building through the window.

Let’s get started.

1. Use a Rope

Find or Make a Thick Rope

A sturdy rope that can hold your weight when you climb is a perfect tool for taking you down from the second floor to the ground.

The rope should be thick enough or you can fold it severally to make it strong but still maintain a length that can take you from your bedroom to the ground.

Alternatively, you make rope by tying 3-4 bedsheets together. Take the first sheet and twist it tightly along its length and tie a few knots on it.

Repeat this on each bedsheet and then tie them together. You can make a double knot because it gets tighter when you pull it and can’t untie itself easily like a single knot.

Tie Your Rope on A Furniture

Now that your rope is ready the next step is to tie it on a sturdy object or furniture in the house. This includes a sturdy desk, bookcase or heavy bed frame.

It’s important to note that the object should be heavier than you so that it doesn’t move when climbing down the rope.

Avoid anything lighter because it will budge and you can be badly hurt when sneaking out. You can test its strength by pulling the rope tied to it with all of your strength.

You should also make a double knot because a single knot might not hold your weight and can untie itself when you climb on the rope.

Climb out Of Your Window

Make a way out of your window by drawing the curtain on one side, completely opening the window and tossing the rope out.

Make sure the rope touches the ground because you will be forced to jump to the ground when using a short rope. This can cause some injuries.

Pull your bed or put a stool next to the window, slowly and carefully climb on it and put your feet out of the window and then hold on to the rope.

Use the several knots on the rope to support yourself as you climb down.

You can leave the rope hanging outside so that others can use it if you’re experiencing an emergency or you can use it to climb back if you’re sneaking out of the house to have fun at night.

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2. Use a Permanent Feature Next to The House

Climbing Down a Nearby Tree

As earlier mentioned, exiting a second-story building without a ladder can be risky. The distance from the ground to the second floor’s window is almost 20 feet.

Climbing down a nearby tree is riskier than using a rope because you can fall if the trunk is slippery especially during wet conditions, it’s weak, has nests of stinging insects, and more.

You should also be cautious of nearby power lines because you can get electrocuted as you sneak out.

However, in the event that climbing down a tree is the only available option of exiting a two-story house, you should wear shoes with good traction or climb down barefoot.

You should also wear appropriate clothing such as a tight-fitting jacket because such can’t be caught by the branches

Here is how to sneak out of a story house without a ladder but using a nearby tree.

  • Put a stool next to the wall with a window where there is a nearby tree.
  • Open the window wide and try to reach the tree trunk with both hands. Wrap your arms around the trunk especially when it has scattered branches and avoid hanging on small branches.
  • Proceed to climb down the tree slowly as your shoes support you from slipping and hurting yourself. At all times ensure three of your limbs are anchored to the tree as you swing down onto the lowest branch.  

Further, a person that sneaks out regularly may choose to nail a few pieces of wood onto the trunk which they can use as steps to climb down and up the tree when necessary.

An Elevated Porch or Lower Level Roof or Terrace

You may be living in a story building with no nearby tree but has certain features like a lower level roof, terrace or an elevated porch.

But, you will have to jump from the lower level roof to the ground because that is a short distance.

Therefore, choose the side with a window that is the easiest to climb out and in. Also, leave your escape method intact just in case you want to sneak back into your bedroom later.

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The article has given you two tips on how to sneak out of a 2 story house without a ladder. Generally, exiting a house using a ladder is the best option however this tool may not be readily available when you want to sneak out.

Still, you can exit without anybody noticing using a rope, a nearby tree or a built-in escape route such as an elevated porch.

Always choose a window that is away from debris such as rocks or any other item that can injure you.

So then, pick whichever method that is best for you and the easiest window to climb out and in because when you sneak out you must come back later unless it’s an emergency.

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